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Shri Balabhadra Janma O Gamha Purnima

Shri Balabhadra Janma O Gamha Purnima

Shri Balabhadra Janma O Gamha Purnima

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Gamha Purnima – (ଗହ୍ମା ପୁର୍ଣିମା )

Rakhi is also celebrated as Gamha Purnima in Odisha. On this date, all the domesticated Cows and Bullocks are decorated and worshipped. Various kinds of country-made cakes called Pitha and sweets mitha are made and distributed within families, relatives and friends.

This day is also celebrated as Gamha Purnima, the  birthday of Lord Baladeva, the elder brother of Lord Sri Krishna. In Odisha especially in Paralakhemundi, Nayagarh and other parts, the birthday of Lord Baladeva is celebrated through a popular game known as Gamha-Diyan (The Gamha Jump). Before the auspicious day, the Gamha (platform) is made of bricks, mud and grass. The middle of the platform is filled with stones to make it strong enough. It is made high upwards and low downwards making the shape of a spur. Its top looks like a tower. A short distance from the top of the Gamha, two poles are dug in opposite direction, which are connected with a bamboo stick tied to both the poles. In the bamboo stick various fruits like oranges, bananas, coconuts etc. are tied very carefully. The people one by one come with a run from the downward of the Gamha, and on reaching the top, give a jump to catch the fruits. One who touches a fruit gets an attractive prize. (src wiki)

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